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At Leo Management, we pride ourselves on our community-oriented approach; all of our Actors are like an extended family to us, and each of their career goals and aspirations is taken into account. We work with each person individually to suit their needs and provide the best possible environment for them to flourish in all aspects of their career and personal life. 


With extensive experience in the performing arts, our founder realized one thing that was missing in her own previous performer-agent relationships; Understanding.  An agent's understanding of the acting process for the performer beyond just booking the role. This resulted in the development of Leo Management, a company where your agent is also a (former) performer, an agent who has been there. This allows for the Leo Management team to uniquely guide talent throughout their entire career.


The performer-agent relationship is always one that relies on mutual understanding and trust; both sides need to do their part in order for the relationship to flourish. At Leo, everything is open and on the table; you receive a list of your submissions so that you know exactly how we see you and what we are submitting you as. If you disagree or have questions, our door is always open; that's what we are here for, after all; to act as a sounding board, support system, and guide for your career. 


Leo Management was established in 2013.

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